Residential Care Facility for the Elderly - A residential home for seniors aged 60 and over who require or prefer assistance with care and supervision. Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly may also be known as Assisted Living facilities, retirement homes and board and care homes.


Steps to obtaining a license involve:

1.     For a new licensee, completion of a three-part component process, consisting of :Orientation for a specific facility category and obtaining a certificate for completion. Component II is conducted by the reviewing analyst one-on-one with the applicant once the application is submitted and reviewed. Component III is category specific training and discussion in areas not often understood by new licensees intended to promote successful facility operation. Component III is conducted prior to licensure. 

Submission of an application, with appropriate fee.This fee is not refundable. Applicant must retain a copy for their own records.   


2.     Mail completed applications to:

Department of Social Services
Centralized Applications Bureau
Community Care Licensing
Adult and Senior Care Program
744 P Street, MS 8-3-91
Sacramento, CA 95814

Residential Care Facility Elderly Section B


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